Here's What Our Patients Say

I met Cristina with the intention of working on some mobility issues I had with a few different lifting exercises like clean and presses, squats, deadlifts as well as running. Along with all this, I had been living with sciatica pain since I was pregnant with my daughter (who is now 3). Cristina’s approach to treatment is something I had never experienced before in physical therapy. She was clear and concise with her treatments, and also made sure that I understood that I would have to do my share of work so I could continue to get stronger and heal. In the few short months working with Cristina, not only has my sciatica pain subsided, but I have managed to PR on many of the exercises that initiated my relationship with her. In Cristina I have found a healer and an educator. The more I understand how everything is connected, the more determined I am to make sure I put in the work to get stronger and build on her treatment. Cristina is dedicated and truly invested in her patients. She will connect to make sure I’m feeling okay after a treatment, or respond to a message if I find myself in discomfort. I’ve never come across a doctor as passionate about her profession as Cristina and no one is more excited to share in your joy when you reach a milestone in your treatment.

- Arnaz K.

After my pregnancy I suffered from horrible back pain. My doctor referred me to some physical therapist and I tried it for like a year but it didn't really help. My back pain was always there and then it just got worse. I had sacrum pain and it was very hard to function. I had to stop working out and doing a lot of activities because I was always in pain. I decided to change physical therapist and I'm so happy I did it. Cristina is very passionate about her work, she figured out root problem. I had an anterior pelvic tilt, shoulder problems, core and glute problems and of course a very weak back and lack of mobility almost everywhere in my body. Moreover, my breathing was horrible too. She has been addressing all those problems one by one and I feel better than ever. My stability has improved a lot, my back pain is 95% gone, my core, glutes, and back are getting stronger. I feel very happy and more confident at the gym. I'm very thankful for Cristina and how dedicated she is. I totally recommend her, she is going to take the time to fix every single one of your issues because her appointments are very individual and personalized.

- Blanca P.

Cristina is amazing! After having some shoulder pain, Cristina took a lot of care to evaluate and explain everything that was going on. She progressed me at my pace, not on a schedule. Not only has my shoulder healed, but my whole back is stronger. I feel as though I think about all my workouts differently and will definitely seek her guidance for any injury needs in the future.

- Jessica S.

I had lots of discomfort from having elbow tendinitis and I went to see Cristina. She was able to help me regain the ability to move my elbow, reduce pain, and helped restore function. She showed me several exercises I can practice at home to help with my recovery. I would highly recommend her.

- Panny B.

Cristina is amazing to work with! I first met her when she started doing physical therapy for my wife's ankle and my shoulder. She has dramatically lessened the chronic pain I have in my shoulder from previous strain and extensive hours behind a computer. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a physical therapist in the San Diego area!

- Edgar A.

I have been working with Dr. Zheng since June 2019 after attending an Ankle/Calf Mobility workshop through my gym, Fitness4ward. Seeing how thorough she was in assessing strengths and weaknesses and in providing exercises to increase mobility and range of motion, I opted to have a whole body assessment. My body was aching and my range of motion was limited in areas and there were exercises I could not do well or with proper form that were inhibiting my performance/outcomes in the gym. I really thought it was my aging body and ‘this is the way it will be’ for the rest of my life. Dr. Zheng helped me realize and understand the where, what and why to my limitations. She provides exercises to increase mobility and strength and exercises to activate muscles I didn’t know I wasn’t using! I have been to Physical Therapy in the past and felt they assessed the area of discomfort but never really got down to the cause. The areas around the discomfort were never evaluated and they really didn’t spend much time explaining and helping me understand. Dr. Zheng does all of those things so I understood why! Don’t get me wrong, I did not see her and feel great the next day! Dr. Zheng gives the tools and will conduct assessments and adjustments as needed, but it has been up to me to put in the work, do the exercises and stick with it! It is not a quick fix, but I am moving more now than I was 6 months ago. I am seeing improvements in the gym and in my day to day activities. I now know to not accept ‘this is how it’s going to be’. I am so thankful for Dr. Zheng, her expertise and her genuine interest in her client’s health and well being!​

- Patti R.

Cristina has been a pivotal part of my recovery process for my ankle, which I injured a few years back. Her exercises have given me newfound strength and confidence while walking and has also helped so much with the pain. She is also the best to be around -- encouraging and bubbly personality. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an amazing PT in the San Diego area.

- Anita A.

Cristina is great. She is knowledgeable, skilled and passionate about helping people. My condition, ALS, is rare. Cristina knew what my body needed and her treatment helped me so much. I highly recommend her.

- Edward H.

Cristina has by far been one of the utmost caring and professional PT's I've worked with. As a triathlete and ballroom dancer I struggled with hamstring/glute pain for over 6 months. The exercises and recommendations she provided made a difference in 2-3 days, with little to no pain in 2 weeks. Her ability to virtually consult truly saved me during my training. HIGHLY recommend to any individual no matter the injury or severity.

- Desiree V.

I had shoulder pain that I first blew off as regular gym related pain. As the weeks and months went by, the pain never went away and overall became worse. I did what most people do, ignore and work thru the pain, since it wasn't extremely painful and didn't bother me much while working my desk job. I also figured giving it rest would make it automatically better. Well, I was wrong. I never should have waited until the shoulder started affecting my non-gym life, but I'm really glad that I saw Cristina when I did. We attend the same gym, and it is evident that she knows her stuff, not only as an active and top performer at the gym, but also with the seminars she teaches about movement, various pain from exercising, and stretching, along with testimonials and seeing the results of her work from others. I saw Cristina 3 times for my shoulder. Each time we progressed my exercises and talked about the mind/body/muscle connection to ensure that I was not compensating during shoulder movements, which lead to my original shoulder pain. Between the exercises and focusing on the shoulder movements when at the gym, my shoulder hasn’t felt this great in ages.
I can’t recommend Cristina enough – if you even think you might need a physical therapist, give her a call! You won’t regret it.

- Dwight B.

I couldn't recommend Cristina enough. Earlier this year I was training for a marathon and managed to injure myself during my training which is when I called Cristina. Even over the phone she was able to diagnose what was wrong with me and recommend exercises that would help with my recovery. Cristina is truly amazing at what she does and is a true super hero in my book!

- Mark M.

Cristina helped me with my shin and ankle pain. I was never a runner, recently in the last 6 months, I started running a lot. Like 2-3 miles a day. Additionally in my cross-training HIIT style gym whenever I used to run sprints, I would feel pain in my shins for days. I was getting better at my sprints every-time so was the pain. At one point I had to take a break for a few months not only from sprints but from running altogether. This was frustrating as I have worked really hard to get better at running overall. I discussed this with Cristina, who is recommended by my other gym friends, as they got great results working with her. I did a session with Cristina in the gym where she spent an hour understanding different aspects of walking, running style. We tried different exercises to fix the form for running and walking. She came up with a list of exercises that will help strengthen my shins, ankles, and help my glutes fire when running and doing the exercises. Cristina is very patient, friendly, and extremely professional in understanding your pain points and will create an exercise plan tailored to your problem. I also did a follow-up session using telehealth (virtual-visit) because of Covid-19. This session was as effective as in person. Cristina is excellent in following-up and does a periodic check-in on how I was feeling and need any other adjustments in my exercise schedule. I would highly recommend her! I am feeling much better in my running. I did 44 miles in the month of April and targeting, even more, this month.

- Arvind M.

Cristina is a knowledgeable, highly qualified Physical Therapist who gets effective results. I was lucky enough to have Cristina as my Physical Therapist for my first surgery. Healing time was short and 100% successful. The second surgery I specifically requested Cristina. Recovery time was, as expected, much longer yet very successful with her help. Her vast knowledge of the body and how muscles and bones co-ordinate is extensive. She also knows various surgeries and how the body needs to respond to particular activities in the healing process. She will gladly impart any information when asked. Her instructions are always firm but positive. One of the best qualities of Cristina is her ability to create exercise equipment out of everyday furniture and surroundings. As an additional benefit of this feature, I found myself exercising anytime and anywhere in my home. It reinforced continual mobility effort and exercise towards my recovery. There is no need to purchase any equipment.
Cristina is not only an expert on the physical aspect of recovery, but also the mental well being of the whole person. Medication, incisions, limited movements and pain can take it's toll on one's emotions. Not all days will be uplifting or a positive experience. This is where Cristina shines and excels. She is an acute listener and problem solver. During my highs and lows, she was excellent adviser and brought me to an unequaled balance. She taught me to set my goals for the long term and to take each day as a small step toward that goal. The conversations were just as important as the physical therapy. Her valuable lesson was not to concentrate on how long recovery took, but how successful recovery is and continues to be day by day. Cristina teaches to EXPECT ups and downs during this temporary recovery, but ACCEPT all changes as progress forward.
She is the best!

- Liudmilla P.

Recently my husband had a hand injury that Cristina was able to help us with via Zoom. She walked us through some stretches and was VERY easy to understand. She gave us lots of tips and would demonstrate the proper way to do the stretches. I highly recommend her for any kind of physical therapy you might need. She does a GREAT job via Zoom.

- Valarie F.

I came to see Dr. Cristina for my low back and hip pains. I have had these issues for some time now and had been to various physical therapists and a chiropractor. Dr. Cristina was recommended to me by a friend and I am glad I went to see her. She was able to help me with my issues and help me get back to lifting weights after not being able to do so for the last 7 months. She was very thorough, explained everything to me and I never felt rushed. Dr. Cristina spent an entire hour with me during each of my visits and I was not shuffled off to other therapists or aids like I was at other physical therapy clinics. I am very happy with Dr. Cristina and I highly recommended her to anyone that needs physical therapy.

- Robert B.

With Covid-19 I was not able to see a PT in person for my back. I had been having low back pain and working from home made it worse. Dr. Cristina was recommended to me by a friend and it worked out for me because she does telehealth online visits. I was surprised at how well telehealth worked and she was able to figure out my problem and guide me through exercises to get my back feeling much better in a few visits. Dr. Cristina also looked at my home office set-up and taught me how to set it up ergonomically which has also helped with alleviating my back pain. I recommend her to anyone and will definitely see her in the future with any other problems.

- Katie C.

Dr. X!
Between hands on tending to to the heavy hitting injuries AND continuous daily health tips on IG, she really knows her stuff!!!! If you go to her, every fiber of your body will thank you!
- Dee V.T.
My friend referred me to Cristina and thankfully we were able to meet via Telehealth. Although we only met through online sessions, Cristina was extremely helpful! I was a little hesistant about doing online sessions, but they actually turned out to be very effective and convenient. Cristina follows up with me every few days to make sure that the exercises are working for me and answer any questions I might have. Overall, Cristina was super friendly and her service was great! I highly recommend meeting with her if you're having any kind of joint pains!
- Brooke A.
I came to Holistic Healing and Cristina with pain in my left IT band and right glute after running a marathon. With rest and less running it still just wasn't improving. I initially had pain at a 7 on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the worst. After 4 weeks of applying the exercises provided by Cristina, the pain in my IT band and glute practically was fully cleared up! Could incorporate climbing hills again and +1hr long runs with little to no pain. With a busy schedule and most recently moving states a virtual consult was a life-saver. Highly recommended and worth every penny. You won't be disappointed.
- Dezzie G.